Rules and Regulations

  1. Punctuality At School: morning assemble starts by 7.30 am and ends by 7.45 am. Any student who is not present for assemble is liable to an appropriate punishment.
  2. Wandering and loitering about during class period is strictly prohibited. Any student caught during so will be seriously dealt with.
  3. No student may leave the school compound without the express and written permission by the principal or his representative. All movement outside the school compound through the school gate and not through any track or path leading   into the school. To move into or leave the school the school the bush or fence is a serious offence which must be treated accordingly.
  4. The classroom is a noiseless zone. There must be absolute silence at all time in the classroom. To do otherwise will attract severe punishment. Always study in the classroom with or without a teacher.
  5. Quarrelling /fighting: quarrelling and fighting are strictly prohibited. Any case of fighting shall earn for those involved indefinite suspension from school.
  6. 6. Stealing: any student found guilty shall be summarily dismissed from school.
  7. Respect and obedience to school authority: All students must respect any obey all concerned with school authority. These are: the principal, tutorial and non-tutorial staff and school prefects. Act of disrespect directed to any school authority as spelt out above shall earn for offending the student disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the principal or the disciplinary committee of the school.
  8. School charges/duties: every charges or special function must be done by all students to whom such charges are assigned before assembly. Failure to do so will result to offending student missing his/her lesson until the assignment is done satisfactorily. Manual work assigned to the students/class must be well done with the specified   period.
  9. school uniform: every student shall be provided with the approved uniform. No student shall bracelets, bangles, necklace, bead or paint the eyelid. Wrist- watches would be worn. No student may have in his/her possession cell phones. Any article worn outside officially approved uniform will be confiscated.

10.the possession of textbooks and other learning materials are utmost importance.

  1. obedience to school bell: all must obey the bell as soon it rings for        assembly, change of lesson and end of break, call for silence manual labour etc.
  2. receiving visitors: students are permitted to see any visitor including parents without permission from the principal. In the same wise, visitors including parents are not permitted their wards from the principal or any person he has delegated to give clearance to see visitors in his absence. 12b. our visiting days is last Sunday of the month, this last to 6pm on such days.
  3. Do not litter the classroom, compounds, dormitory with piece of paper, fruit peels and pure water sachets. Offenders shall be brought to book. All litters must put into dust bins or waste paper baskets.
  4. Snacks: snacks of all description must not be taken in the classroom. Approved snacks may only be purchased in an approved place in the school premises during break period.
  5. school extra-curricular activities: All students must take part in the school activities. These include sports and games, manual labour, marching, approved school social programmes e.g. dramatic society, debating society, science and quiz, young farmers club etc. Every student must belong to not less than two societies/clubs.
  6. Writing inscription on the school buildings walls, black board, tables etc is prohibited. Defaulters shall be adequate fines to make good the damage resulting from their default.
  7. Religious duties: religious and moral instructions are compulsory for every student according to the 1970 education edict on the specified for this during the school week.
  8. It is an offence for any student school tests or exams on flimsy reasons. This is punishable appropriate sanctions.
  9. Examination malpractices: All forms of cheating/expo, in examination are prohibited. Offenders shall be subjected to summary dismissal from school or repetition of class.
  10. Students are not allowed to bring to school radio, cassette recorder and related music equipments. This shall be confiscated by the school authority if found on any student.
  11. Good social habits: No student may urinate anywhere other than inside the toilet-rooms or lavatories assigned to them. Toilets and urinaries must be kept clean at all time through wash and sweeping. Students assigned to do this must ensure they do so at appointed time. Failure to do this shall attract adequate punishment.
  12. Absence from school: No student should be absent from school without written permission from the principal or any of person acting on his behalf. Defaulters are liable to suspension indefinitely.
  13. Student/Student Relationship: There must be no maltreatment or bulling of the junior students by the senior ones. All cases of misunderstanding, quarrels and violation of school rules and regulations must be reported to the appropriate authority for necessary action.
  14. Restricted Places: Students have no free access to the following places except for compelling reasons or during official duties or invitations:

(a) Principal’s Office

(b) Vice principal’s office and Staff Room

(C) Kitchen and kitchen stores

(d) Security men’s house at the gate

(e) General Clark’s office

(f) Staff quarters shall be out of bounds for students.


  1. No student shall be in the dormitory during school official hours including prep period.
  2. Cooking in the dormitory is prohibited.
  3. No student may leave the boarding without written permission from school authority. Defaulters are liable to indefinite suspension or expulsion from school.
  4. Coloured dresses, mufti, obscene pictures/magazines etc are prohibited from the dormitory.
  5. No two students shall sleep on the same bed.
  6. No Boy shall enter the Girls’ dormitory for any reason. Any defaulter would be punished accordingly. This also applies to the girls.
  7. Attendance to mass/services is mandatory for all students. Students must leave for church in group and come back in group led by the senior prefects. Morning/evening prayers are very essential and compulsory for all.
  8. All meals must be taken in the dining hall (Refectory) at the stipulated time by all the students.
  9. All cases of emergency must be promptly reported to the school authorities ie. House Masters, School Mistress, Matron, Principal by the senior prefect.
  10. Personal belongings should be properly identified with initials to avoid misplacement.
  11. Only authorized day-dress with badge should be worn after school and during weekends.
  12. Siesta, preps and Games must be strictly observed.
  13. All cases of ill-health should be promptly reported to the school authority for immediate attention.
  14. Sick students must be dully permitted to be in bed.

N.B: These regulations are meant for the good of all students and must be strictly adhered to. Any student who fault any of the above rules should be ready for any disciplinary actions the school authority deems fit.