Reopening of School for Exam Classes

Esteemed Students, Parents/Guardians,

Following the recent directive from the Federal ministry of Education, we wish to inform you that our exit classes (SS 3and JSS 3) will be resuming next week for a more intensive preparations for their final exams.

  1. Those in SSS 3 will resume on Wednesday 5th of August, 2020. They are all expected to be in school before 3:00pm so as to have enough time to settle and readjust for the work ahead.
  2. Those in JSS 3 will resume Sunday August 9, 2020. They are expected to be in school before 4:00pm.

Students in the mentioned classes are expected to take note of the following:

  1. Students are expected to come back with at least 7 pieces of reusable face mask (preferable those made with fabrics). Their names must be on each of them.
  • They are to bring with them not less than two sizable alcohol based hand sanitizers with alcohol content of not less than 60%.
  • Old debts, including the 3rd Term school fees, must be cleared before the re-opening dates. It is a difficult time but we must take care of the students.
  •  To comply with the ‘COVID 19 Guideline for Safe School Reopening’, the students have been reassigned hostel halls, refectory tables, baths and toilets and also classrooms. Care must be taken to religiously stick with the space assigned at all times.
  • Students should come back with everything (Cutleries, cups, complete uniforms, provisions, money) they might need.  They may not be allowed to leave the school gate once they are in. Those who would need anything for their practical(s) should provide them or have the money with them (the arrangement to provide them with the materials shall be made by the management). Parents should please adhere to this.
  • Because of the Pandemic, it is recommended that sick students are sent home instead of being treated at school. Therefore, it is wise that parents take time to treat their children of the routine illnesses of this season, at least as prophylactics (prevention).
  • The school maintains zero tolerance to the keeping of phones by the students. No student should come back with phone. Phones found on students are to be destroyed. However, if for reason of travel logistics/security (this concerns students who are coming from distance), a student comes back with phone, such must be submitted to the student’s Class moderator or Form Master before 10:00pm of arrival day, who in turn registers the phone with the principal within 48 hours.

Dear parents, we will be observing all the safety measures. Please follow all the protocols as it is required of you from the school gate. You won’t be allowed into the premises if you do not wear your face mask appropriately. Also make sure you make your payments in the bank before the resumption date so as to avoid congestion at the Bursary. Our account numbers remain:

  • Keystone Bank: 1001585840
  • ACESS BANK: 0055655118 (SSS 3)
  • UBA:  1006444193

We wish you all, good health of mind and body and safe arrival and stay for our students. See you soon!


Rev. Fr. Augustine C. Onuoha